Monday, September 23, 2013

New Show Superlatives Fall 2013

Most of us have a high school yearbook somewhere among the other garbage that we keep for no real reason. If you ever dusted off one of your yearbooks, you could skip to the superlative section and get a pretty decent snapshot of that year. Brains, brawn, humor, drive, and beauty were all represented among the senior class. While high school superlatives don’t carry a lot of weight with people as they age, it’s a fun exercise for the student body to try to assess the latest crop of impending graduates.
Much like your high school class, I thought it would be fun if I assessed the latest crop of incoming TV freshman. While these superlatives are not the same as the ones in your high school yearbook, I can assure you that they carry the exact same amount of importance as your high school superlatives. I’ll let you decide for yourselves how important that is to you. Let’s hand out some superlatives.

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