Friday, July 19, 2013

Lost Rewatch Chat "Whatever the Case May Be"

Since the Internet clearly needs some more people to talk about Lost, I have decided to collect some of my friends and discuss the first season of the seminal series.  Starting this week, I will be conducting chats with a couple of friends of the Czar as we work our way through the opening season.  Feel free to add your own thoughts about the episode in the comments below.

Czar:  I apologize for the delay.  I'm now in a comfy chair ready to talk Lost.

Taylor:  Wonderful! How's comic-con going?

Czar:  It's been an interesting experience.  One of my most hated things in the world is waiting in line, so it's tough from that aspect.  That said, it's kind of neat to see all the people from Josh Holloway to Chewbacca (at least I think it was him).

Taylor:  That sounds awesome. Other than lines. Have you run into Evangeline Lilly yet?

Czar:  I think she's signing autographs now and tomorrow.  I'll have to go find her if I get a hot minute.
hate to rush you along, but I've got a press room in a hour so let's do it.

Taylor:  Sounds good to me.
The first scene of this episode (with Sawyer and Kate) completely pulled me in, in spite of myself. It was just sweet and perfect.

Czar:  This is why I strongly prefer them as a couple to Kate and Jack.  They just seem to complement each other perfectly.

Taylor:  I wasn't going to bring that up until later episodes, but I mostly agree with you. Kate and Jack seem like an old married couple (all of these lectures about responsibility!) but Kate and Sawyer have chemistry.
Say you're swimming in an idyllic waterfall lake, and you suddenly see dead bodies. How would you respond?

Czar:  How much of that chemistry is the two of them together, and how much is it about Josh Holloway being able to have chemistry with a rock?

Taylor:  Based on what we see of Sawyer in later seasons, I think it's safe to say that the two of them together definitely have more chemistry than he has with some actresses. (is that vague enough for you?)

Czar:  Vague enough indeed, and I actually agree with that sentiment.  About the dead bodies: I'm really not sure.  I think I would do something similar to Sawyer.  Let's see what they've got, because they obviously no longer need it.  I was tickled by his excitement when he announced "I got a wallet!"

Taylor:  I don't get it. Literally my first instinct is to get the hell out of that water, and probably vomit.
Bits of corpses are floating around down there! They probably opened their mouths at some point while they were swimming! Ugh.
Also, what is he going to do with a wallet on a deserted island?

Czar:  I guess that's why we'll probably never find you in a natural water formation.
I don't know what he's going to do with the wallet.  That's why I enjoyed it so much.

Taylor:  Fair enough. It was a cute reaction.
I thought that, once again, the on-island moments outshone the flashbacks.
I don't know if it's the way Kate's stuff was structured, or if it was just annoying and nonsensical, but I really disliked her flashbacks.

Czar:  We do get a little bit of information about her, but nothing we couldn't have gleaned from what we've seen from her on the island.
She likes bad boys.
She can handle herself.
The End.

Taylor:  Maybe the most interesting thing we learned is that, whatever terrible things she did in her past, she's not heartless. She may have a somewhat skewed sense of innocence/guilt, but it was totally awesome when she shot all of her co-conspirators and saved the bank manager.

Czar:  Agreed.  It was definitely awesome watch her flash her pistol skills.  It's starting to look like those may come in handy.

Taylor:  What did you think of the scene when Jack confronted her about the toy airplane?

Czar:  He's been calling her on stuff the past few episodes  I think I would be as fed up with her as he is.  Good for him.

Taylor:  I completely agree. Rationally, I wanted her to explain why the hell that case was so important. However, being a pregnant woman, as soon as she said "It belonged to the man I killed!" I started crying and wished he hadn't pushed her so hard.

Czar:  Pushing is who Jack is, so I can buy that.  Also, I think it comes from a place of care.  He just wants to be closer to her man.

Taylor:  So as soon as she tells him the truth, he walks away? She's clearly broken up right now.
Anyway, more evidence for why Jack and Kate are a little unsatisfying as a pair right now.

Czar:  They are not a satisfying pair. The show trying to force them together makes for some really grating dialogue.
What about the other coupling going on back at the beach?

Taylor:  Are we calling what Sayid and Shannon are doing coupling? I guess based on Boone's menacing look during the closing music, that's fair.
I personally felt relieved that Shannon was useful for once.

Czar:  How dare you!  Shannon has been pretty useful for gratuitous bikini shots.  They're obviously getting closer, and Sayid is giving her "the look".

Taylor:  Sorry, let me clarify: "useful to the plot" for once.
Also, she has a decent singing voice.

Czar:  Both of those things you said are true.  You mentioned Boone.  Every conversation he has with Shannon is some form of the same thing.

Taylor:  I think you're right. Usually some version of "You're lazy! We're both silly!"
Which is exactly what viewers are thinking.

Czar:  Yep.  Let's talk about the episode overall.  We spent the last episode racing through the jungle to save Claire.  Now, nobody gives a crap.

Taylor:  I know. I'm glad that Rose got Charlie to speak, but her lecture seemed completely inappropriate. This is the woman who spent a good deal of time after the crash sitting on the beach refusing to drink water.
Why can't Charlie be upset that he was just kind of dead for a while, and that his friend and her fetus were taken?

Czar:  Solid point.  I think this episode is the microcosm of the problems of network television.  With 22 or more episodes per season, you can't go-go-go all the time.  Still, we dropped the issue at hand almost completely.
The island doesn't suffer fools or grieving friends.  Get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward.

Taylor:  The problem with dropping the Claire thing completely is that it logically has to come back up at some point. When it does, that shift is likely to feel just as abrupt as this one does.

Czar:  All they had to do was give us a little something.  Some sort of plan beginning to form.  A guerilla militia forming..Anything.

Taylor:  Instead, we still have people who think there aren't any Others on the island. Because, you know, that's logical.
The only other stray comment I had about this episode is, how do Hurley and Michael know what a Halliburton is?

Czar:  Well, how do you know?  Seems like a thing people would know.

Taylor:  I didn't know what it was until they said it! Then I felt silly because it seemed like everyone should know what it is.  Oh well.
Czar:  Could have been funny if Hurley was just playing along but had a secret inner turmoil because he didn't know what it was. #rejectedLoststorylines

Taylor:  There should be a webisode where he explains his anxiety about it.

Czar:  My notes are admittedly bereft of information because I was just cranky about this episode (and being traveling all day).  What else do you got?

Taylor:  I'm afraid mine aren't much better. I don't have anything else. :(

Czar:  I think we had a good talk.  The episode was what it was.

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