Friday, June 14, 2013

Lost Rewatch Chat "Pilot Part 2"

Since the Internet clearly needs some more people to talk about Lost, I have decided to collect some of my friends and discuss the first season of the seminal series.  Starting this week, I will be conducting chats with a couple of friends of the Czar as we work our way through the opening season.  Feel free to add your own thoughts about the episode in the comments below.

Czar:  Let's get this thing on a rolling.  The first thing I have in my notes is a question: Did the TSA start making us take off our shoes because they watched Lost?

Matt:  It was either Lost or the guy with the bomb in his shoe, but I like the Lost take better.  Speaking of Charlie, did he not strap himself into a first class seat when the plane went down? How did he survive?

Czar:  Yeah, I was trying to track him around the plane because I wondered that too.  I guess we're supposed to believe he circled back to coach.  I'll admit to some confusion there.  I'm sure there's a Lost message board somewhere on the Internet where someone has done a 6000 word deconstruction of the scene.

Matt:  Probably so. I don't think he made it back, though. Not that it matters. Charlie is great. But he better ration out his goods, because I haven't seen any drug dealers on the island yet. 
So I took notes on this episode. The first was about Charlie being in first class. The second was about Sun. She looked like she understood Michael when her and Jin were fishing.

Czar:  Yep.  She looks like she wants to respond to him in English, but then she looks at her goon of a husband and decides to throw out some casual Japanese instead.

Matt:  Jin is a goon. He's much more pleasant when he's catching bad guys in Hawaii. I'd be happier on that island, too, I guess. About the Japanese, do you like how we don't see subtitles when they speak to each other?

Czar:  To be honest, I find it a little annoying that I don't know what they're saying.  I know they mix in some subtitles for important stuff, but I don't like what seems like incoherent blathering.  Plus, Jin just repeats himself 1000 times trying to get people to eat whatever he wants them to eat.

Matt:  It is a annoying, but I think it helps put us in the shoes of the people Jin and Sun are talking to. As for the food - I find it hard to believe that a fat guy would turn down food, no matter how disgusting, on a desert island. He must have a secret stock pile of airplane meals.

Czar:  Good point on the Jin and Sun thing.  I have to say, when I'm a hungry dude, I'll take down anything.  I forgot my lunch earlier this year and got offered, and ate, chicken liver.  Horrifying, but I was no longer hungry.

Matt:  Was it fried? If so, that's a delicacy. If not, then you must have been really hungry.

Czar:  It was fried.  Still gross.  I was told I needed copious amounts of hot sauce, but sadly there was none.

Matt:  Gravy helps, too.

Czar:  As dudes, I feel like we have to discuss the double dose of eye candy we got this episode.  Intentional, or just trying to give us more of a life on the island feel?  I mean really, couldn't Sun have had that conversation with Kate with her fully clothed?

Matt:  I made a note of that, too. When I saw Shannon, my thought was, "Alright, a little fanboy service," but it made sense with the scene. She's being a brat too full of denial to help out. With Kate, though, my thought was like yours: "Is this necessary?"

Czar:  That being said, I did appreciate them putting Kate in mom jeans immediately afterwards.  That seemed authentic.

Matt:  Yeah. I'm guessing she pulled those out of someone else's suitcase.

Czar:  Yep.  Also, I enjoyed the rampant profiling of Sayid.  Given that it was 2004, seemed fairly acceptable.  Imagine if Sawyer knew he was in the Republican Guard.

Matt:  I thought that was the perfect intro for Sawyer. Also, was Sayid holding back in that fight? It seems like he should have been able to take care of Sawyer with ease.  And I loved Hurley's expression when Sayid told him he was in the Republican Guard. That was priceless.

Czar:  Some more good work from those two.  I think it's fun to watch a show where people can be good, earnest people and it works out.  Maybe I've been watching too much Game of Thrones, but it seems like a novelty in the drama genre in 2013.

Matt:  There's definitely not many happy things happening in dramas this year.

Czar:  I know the show has dark moments, and dark people (this episode ends on a real bummer), but it's just a lighter, happier show than I'm used to seeing nowadays.  Everybody has their warts, but a lot of these people are basically decent dudes.

Matt:  It's like they've realized pretty quickly that in order for them to survive they're going to have to work together. Or maybe most of them still think help is coming soon and that keeps them in a good/hopeful mood.
By the way, even though they do seem like good people, there sure is a lot of lying going on.  Granted, it may be lying to prevent fear/mass hysteria, but it's lying nonetheless.

Czar:  I'm not saying we're all sweethearts, but we're not miserable sadists either.  Drama in 2013 everybody!
How heavy-handed did you find the conversation between Locke and Walt?

Matt:  Light and Dark! Light and Dark! Do you think the writers knew where they were going with that?

Czar:  I have no doubt they knew they were setting up an epic good vs. evil thing, but I still refuse to believe they had any idea how the overall story would play out.

Matt:  And a quick aside - backgammon is not the oldest board game. That title belongs to Senet, an Egyptian game that dates back to 3500-3100 BC. Backgammon goes back to 3000 BC. And Locke is crazy if he thinks it's better than checkers.
Back to the conversation - it certainly seemed ominous. Do you remember it feeling that way the first time you saw it?

Czar:  To be honest, I completely forgot about the backgammon thing.  I only remembered the secret thing.  It definitely is an ominous scene and something that indicates Locke already has his weird kinship with the island.
Also, shouts to you for doing your board game homework.  That being said, I would vote for backgammon because I can play it in Vegas.

Matt:  I did some research earlier this year for a school thing.
I thought the secret thing was creepy, too. My note was, "Stranger Danger, Walt! Stranger Danger!"

Czar:  Yes, I know we cut away at that moment, but how does a 10 year old kid not run away screaming?

Matt:  Agreed. I would say the Australians I've encountered have mostly been very chill and trusting people, but I don't think he's spent enough time down under to pick that up.

Czar:  A few final things I would like to touch on.  1. Kate is revealed as the prisoner.  I don't know why I should care who the prisoner was.  You're on an island.  Rules of society are over.  Who cares who was what before two days ago?

Matt:   I could see being concerned. For all you know that prisoner could have been a serial killer. You don't want that loose around you, especially with a gun, do you?

Czar:  Fair point.  If you're that concerned, then you just ice them.  It's the biggest flaw in the show.  Too many people got away with too much BS.  There are no rules.  You don't like somebody, then FINISH THEM!!!

Matt:  I think they're still holding on to current societal rules because most of them still expect to be rescued because no one in the know has mentioned that they're 1000 miles off course.  
Another aside - do prisoners flying commercial get to load the plane first? Are other passengers aware that a prisoner is on board? Do other passengers get a discount for flying with the prisoner? Depending on the prisoner, and my proximity to him/her, I think I'd want a discount.

Czar:  No kidding.  How is this a thing?  The Marshalls can't organize a private plane?  It doesn't have to be nice, just something to get from A to B.  You would think you would have to make people aware a prisoner was on board.  If the prisoner hurt me, I would sue for roughly eleventy billion dollars.

Matt:  Exactly. Because you know they aren't flying you to the other side of the world for some petty crime.

Czar:  Final thing: The episode ends on a pretty intense bummer.  What are we supposed to make of that?  Are we supposed to just think they'll find a way to overcome the odds?  My first thought was, "Oh, well that's not good."

Matt:  It certainly made a bad situation even worse.  Like I've been alluding to, people still have hope up until this point, which I think quells a lot of potential disagreements. Once they figure out how hopeless their situation really is, things could get dicey.

Czar:  Yes.  Those that realize how dire it is will be the winners.  I can't believe we talked Lost for over an hour and didn't talk about the polar bear.  Am I really that desensitized to crazy stuff happening on television?

Matt:  I was going to throw it in if you didn't mention it.  Agreed. Show that today and no one blinks an eye.  By the way, I think the chances of Sawyer downing that bear with his hand gun are slim to say the least.  Also, does no one on the beach have any wilderness skills? Someone field dress that baby get it grilling!

Czar:  Seriously.  You can makeshift something to drag it back to camp.  Bear meat for everyone!
The idea of bear meat just made me hungry.  To the Bat Kitchen.

Matt:  Agreed.

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