Thursday, April 4, 2013

TV Links of the Week

Does The Walking Dead even care anymore? Does it know that it's going to pull in around 10 million viewers every week regardless of the story? Was 16 episodes too many for the writers to handle? Whatever the case, the third season, while much better than the second, certainly didn't end as strong as it began. I wasn't impressed with the finale at all, and have no idea where the fourth season goes from here. On the bright side, at least we don't have to go there with Andrea!

Speaking of Andrea, as much as I hated her, there's no reason she should have died like that. We've seen her get out of much more precarious situations than that in the past. How does zombie Milton bite her on the shoulder? Others have pointed out that she couldn't kick him away because she wasn't wearing shoes and might have gotten scratched, but I'm not buying that because I've seen other characters put bare hands on zombies without getting scratched plenty of times. What's the difference? Also, Glen took out a zombie while tied to a chair, and if even if Andrea isn't his equal, she certainly isn't far behind Glen in zombie slaying prowess.

"I just didn't want anyone to die." Epic fail, Andrea.

In lieu of the usual TWD promo, I give you an Entertainment Weekly interview with comic book writer and show executive producer Robert Kirkman that discusses the finale and where season four might be headed. If I'm Rick, the first place I'm going is a nursing home to drop off all those old farts that might die in their sleep and have me for a midnight snack.

Taking over the 9:00 pm Sunday slot on AMC will be the better reviewed but less watched Mad Men. The Baltimore Sun has a refresher course/wish list for those who need to dust out the cobwebs, while Salon features a Tumblr that proves that Mad Men and Mean Girls are really the same thing.

Game of Thrones premiered last Sunday to its usual rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Almost 7 million people tuned in to watch Sunday night, and according to ABC News, another million pirated the premiere less than 24 hours after it aired. HBO's President of Programming Michael Lombardo views the pirating as a compliment to the quality of the show. HBO's accountants probably view it as lost revenue and wonder why the network doesn't further develop the idea of letting people without an HBO subscription watch the show online. Then again, HBO would most likely lose subscriptions, and as long as people can pirate the show without getting punished they'll continue to do so even if they can watch it online for cheaper than the cost of a subscription.

In other GOT news, actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) recently told Wired that season 3 will differ from the books much more than seasons 1 and 2 did. I don't think that's a bad thing, but I do hope they don't differ from A Storm of Swords too much, because it really is the best book so far. Also, Mashable presents the top 10 GOT Internet memes. Finally, in case you missed it, we've started a new series here at The TV Czar Says... that will help familiarize show fans with some of the new characters in season three.

After a few weeks off, Parks and Recreation is returning to NBC with a new episode tonight, and EW has an exclusive promo. I was hoping we were finished with Councilman Jamm, but it looks he's coming back for more d-baggery. I doubt that Ron needs the help, but just in case, I bet Jackie Chiles is available. He might be just what Ron needs to take on Jean-Ralphio's lawyers.

Emptying the Clip
  • The A.V. Club has the first promo image and ad for the TV version of Zombieland, which will air on Amazon. I don't want to write it off just yet, but I'm also not preparing to clear any space on my calendar.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a trailer and exclusive details for the ninth season of Deadliest Catch. Apparently the crew and the captains will argue with each other. Who knew?
And with that, folks, I'm wrapping up the TV Links of the Week. It's been a great run of over 65 installments, which is a lot longer than most NBC shows last, but I think it's time for a change of direction. I'm not leaving the blog permanently, I'll be writing the new Who the F*** Was That: Game of Thrones Edition pieces as well as other content, as soon as we figure out what that will be. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I helped make your Internet experience a little more enjoyable.


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