Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Justin Timberlake Joins Five-Timers Club on SNL

At this point, it is no secret to anyone reading this article that we exist in a weird time in the world of entertainment. It no longer matters how well you do anything, there will be loud voices around to make sure you get torn down. The more popular you are, the louder the criticisms. The internet's latest victim appears to be Justin Timberlake. "Suit and Tie" is far from the entertainer's best work. However, it is not, as one commenter on Rolling Stone suggests, "His worst song ever". There are far more entertainers far more worthy of disdain. Why do people waste their time on Timberlake? Is it the nature of the internet in 2013 or is it something about Timberlake specifically that draws the ire of people with an internet connection? We certainly shouldn't feel sorry for Timberlake (nor would he suggest that we should), but it does seem counterproductive to use digital copy taking down someone simply because we can.