Thursday, January 24, 2013

TV Links of the Week

In case you're not counting, only 1.5 new hours of 30 Rock exist. Sad news, I know. TV Line has an exclusive promo for tonight's penultimate episode, which involves Liz trying to keep TGS from getting cancelled. In case you're one of the many people who for some reason never got into "30 Rock" (to each his own, I guess), here's a list of ten episodes that the The A.V. Club says best represent the series. In case you're wondering which "30 Rock" episode is my favorite, I'd say that the first one that comes to mind is season five's "When It Rains, It Pours."

Even though we're not happy about it, at least we know the fate of "30 Rock." We have no idea what's going to happen to NBC's other great comedy, Parks and Recreation. "No idea" may be a strong term; most of us are preparing for the worst. Nothing's been made official yet, though, so we're stuck enjoying we what think is probably the last season while wondering why more people don't watch what is the best, most consistent comedy on TV. But I digress. Here's a clip of tonight's episode that involves Tom trying to play basketball.

Some AMC period drama that is occasionally discussed on this blog  is coming back April 7. Here are some promo stills of the cast, most of whom you probably won't recognize or think very highly of as actors. Here are some quotes from the director that apparently doesn't like the show because he never reveals anything about it. And here is another site's compilation of everything it knows about the upcoming season of the show, which isn't much - I guess because no one cares enough about the show to discuss it. Why would I even waste space about such a show, you ask? I need something to write about, or The Czar won't let me watch anything except Lifetime and the CW for the rest of the week.

If you're a Doctor Who fan then you probably know that 2013 is the show's 50th anniversary. You may not know, however, that BBC America is airing new specials on all eleven Doctors throughout the year. Not long ago I had every intention of watching "Doctor Who" so that I could, at the very least, experience some classic British television. Unfortunately, my cable provider doesn't offer BBC America in HD, not on my package anyway, and watching something in non-HD would be an explicit violation of my TV watching beliefs.

Finally, earlier this week the major networks ordered a bunch of new pilots. has a good list of those pilots, their basic premises, and how interesting they sound (to the article author, at least). My initial thoughts after skimming the list:
  • Are these really the best ideas out there?
  • If "Parks & Rec" gets the kibosh for one of those new NBC comedies I may hurl for the first time since the 10th grade.
  • At least NBC didn't pick up comedies based on a blog devoted to complaining about work or a book written by the guy who gave us S#*! My Dad Says*. Fox did, though.
  • Beverly Hills Cop is in the drama section? It is on CBS, but still.
*Full disclosure, I've read part of the book, which is titled I Suck at Girls, and it's pretty funny. The TV show won't be.

Thanks for reading.