Thursday, January 10, 2013

TV Links of the Week

The original Jenna.
30 Rock will air its final new episode in less than a month. While that is certainly a sad realization, we should all be happy that it lasted 6.5 7 seasons, especially considering the original plan for the show. According to Pop Focal, Tina Fey originally reserved the role of Jenna for Rachel Dratch, and they have the footage to prove it. Fortunately, NBC actually made a wise decision by making Fey switch directions. I'm not saying Jane Krakowski is a genius, but without her version of the character the show isn't nearly as funny or long-lasting, in my opinion at least.

In other "30 Rock" news, Salma Hayek has joined an ever growing list of former guest stars returning for the finale, which airs on January 31.

Netflix announced at the TCAs on Wednesday that the entire fourth season of Arrested Development will be released in May, except that, according to the producers and cast, it's not exactly the fourth season. Instead, the entire season is basically one giant story with each episode telling that story from a different character's point-of-view. Also, the entire Bluth family may not appear on screen at once. On a brighter note, everyone involved with the show still expresses a strong desire to make a movie that follows the "fourth" season.

Even though Valentine's Day is still over a month away, it's never too early to start thinking about how to make your loved one feel extra special or even how to find someone to love. If you need advice in either of those areas, then go to The A.V. Club and submit your relationship/loved based question to life guru Nick Offerman and his wife Megan Mullally. Death and taxes may be the only guarantees in this life, but getting good advice from Offerman can't be far behind.

Also at The A.V. Club is a recording of the child actors from Game of Thrones free-style rapping over the show's opening sequence. It's quite possibly the worst example of rap of all time. In other GOT related news, castmember Wiko Johnson, who portrays Ilyn Payne, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is obviously very sad news, but Wiko is said to be in good spirits and appreciative for the great life he's had. You'll be in our prayers, Wiko.

Emptying the Clip
  • Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive photo from tonight's Big Bang Theory that shows the male cast members dressed up as characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm not sure if Sheldon looks more like Data or some with jaundice.
  • Sara Michelle Gellar might be coming back to television on a sitcom about motherhood. I'll give you a minute to regain your composure.
  • AMC has released a new poster for The Walking Dead. Give me real footage or give me nothing.
  • This isn't directly TV related, but if you're looking to have your mind blown today, check out these Scientology stories about Tom Cruise and John Travolta on Grantland.

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