Thursday, December 13, 2012

TV Links of the Week

Apparently ratings do not.
Would you be surprised if I told you that AMC wasn't in the top 15 basic cable ratings in the 18-49 demo in 2012? If so, then get surprised, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network ranked 18th this year, just behind Lifetime and TRU, despite having seven of the top ten basic cable performers of the year (all from The Walking Dead). One possible big reason for the low ranking is that AMC airs original programming only once a week. Imagine where the network would be without "The Walking Dead."*

*By the way, USA ranked number one.

Speaking of "The Walking Dead," Norman Reedus recently told MTV that things don't look good for his character Daryl. I fully understand that Reedus isn't going to reveal anything to us, but it still worries me that he's talking like that. Daryl is by far my favorite character on the show, and probably the only one I haven't questioned or wanted to hit in the head with an iron skillet yet. I've said before that if Daryl dies then I'm never watching the show again. I'm not quite ready to reaffirm that statement, but I'd definitely consider it. Maybe. For at least 15 minutes. Please don't kill Daryl, "Walking Dead" powers that be.

BBC has released an updated trailer for the upcoming Dr. Who Christmas Special. I'm not very familiar with "Dr. Who," or British television, but from what I can gather this is the sixth episode of the season, or series as they call it. For some reason, though, the Christmas Special is usually titled episode zero. Perhaps it's because...I have no idea.

If Feats of Strength and Airing of Grievances are more up your alley than decking the halls or hanging mistletoe, then you'll probably enjoy the most recent Easter Egg from the creative folks at Google. According to Entertainment Weekly, people who search Festivus on Google's search engine will receive the perfect (read: only) Festivus decoration on their results page. Don't worry, though, no donation will be made in your name to The Human Fund.

The CW is creating its own reality show version of The Hunger Games, only without the killing and forced participation. The Hunt will feature 12 two-man teams that are stranded in the wilderness with no food, water, or shelter. Not only will teams have to survive the hard conditions, they'll also be trying to capture each other. On paper, this doesn't sound like a half-bad idea - at least as something I would like to participate in. Watching it on television, though, would be a whole different issue. I don't think I'm going out on a limb here when I say that this show's odds of survival on CW are not in its favor.

Quick Hits
  • Aziz Ansari has been outed on his own Twitter account. According to THR, the Parks and Recreation star accidentally revealed that he's the man behind the popular SergeantBrody Twitter feed that pokes fun at the lead characters of Homeland when he posted a Tweet intended for the SergeantBrody feed on his personal feed. I think this is where Ron Swanson is supposed to come in and lecture Aziz about being to addicted to technology.
  • Arrested Development is expanding its upcoming season by at least a few episodes. Maybe they have a lot of good material that just can't be squeezed into 10 episodes. Or maybe they realized that Netflix is paying them by the episode.
  • Finally, AMC is close to ordering a new original comedy about Paul Revere. Yes, that Paul Revere. Your guess is as good as mine.
TV Related Gift Ideas
  • This week we're starting off with a great gift for the patriotic, music loving, night owl in your family: A Conan O'Brien autographed, U.S. flag themed guitar. For $50, you can get a signed guitar with Andy Richter's face plastered on. Just kidding, but be honest, you would be more than willing to drop $50 more for a guitar with Andy's face on it.
  • For the creepy uncle in your family, get the 1991 Laffs Trading Cards Pack, which includes trading cards from Full House, Perfect Strangers, and Family Matters. Yes, these really exist, and yes other people have apparently purchased them.
  • For the tidy Game of Thrones fan, get the Dark Horse Game of Thrones Coaster Set. I know a lot of the items I post here are terrible gift ideas, but this might actually be something a fan of show of books would enjoy. And it's only $8.98.