Thursday, December 6, 2012

TV Links of the Week

If you missed it yesterday, you need check out the Czar's post about about Ron Swanson, the greatest man on TV. It's not only a good read, but quite possibly the greatest collection of wisdom on the Internet. By the way, my favorite Ron Swanson clip is "Ron Swanson on Government and Bacon." Not to get too political, but I don't think Ron would be very happy with the "no large drinks" law in New York.

Speaking of ridiculous government action, Mr. Burns from The Simpsons has taken a few minutes out of his busy schedule to explain the fiscal cliff. For good measure, he also provides a solution for immigration. This should probably be the place where I explain that the views expressed in the links provided by TV Links of the Week at The TV Czar Says... do not necessarily represent the views of TV Links of the Week or The TV Czar Says..., but if you really need to know that then, quite honestly, you're probably not the type of reader I'm looking for.

I'm also not looking for the type of reader that would shoot a loved one over an argument about the possibility of a zombiepocalypse actually occurring. You only think I'm kidding. According to The A.V. Club, a guy from Long Island shot his girlfriend in the back earlier this week because of an extended argument they had about the midseason finale of The Walking Dead and the chance of zombies actually one day roaming the earth. Look, I'll be honest: I, like probably 80% of other males my age, have spent more than a few hours of my lifetime considering how I would survive a zombie outbreak*. The difference between me and the whack job from the article is that never once have I thought the outbreak will actually happen, nor have I come even remotely close to shooting someone for making fun of my zombie survival plan! I know it shouldn't, but the stupidity of people still flabbergasts me sometimes.

Maybe these episodes should start coming with the disclaimer, "As amazingly real as these zombies appear, they're never, ever going to happen, stupid."
*By the way, by my rough guestimation, the place I work would be a great place to live in a zombie infested world. Where is that, you ask? I'd tell you.

I don't want our only discussion about "The Walking Dead" this week to revolve around some crazy dude, especially since we don't get another episode until February. Therefore, I have a couple of videos for you. First, in case you missed it, or just want to see it again, is the preview for the next half of the season that AMC aired at the conclusion of the last episode. Second, and props to the Czar for bringing this to my attention, is every kill from the first eight episodes, including a weapon count. Somewhat surprisingly, crowbar comes in second.

HBO has released a Game of Thrones featurette involving the cast and crew discussing production of the upcoming season. There's also a few snippets of footage. The folks involved say this is the season they've been looking forward to since the beginning. If you've read the books you understand why. If you haven't...I'll just say that, assuming they keep following the general flow of book events, you're in for a wild ride.

Jason Alexander is going to Greendale. According to TV Guide, Alexander will guest star in at least one episode of Community this season. In case you've forgotten, "Community" is slated to return on February 7. His role is being kept secret, but we do know that he comes on the scene after Chevy Chase's departure. I know he probably he wouldn't go for this, but I'm hoping he's playing George Costanza. I think George's personality fits in great with the study group, and let's be honest, Jason hasn't come close to matching that level of comedic genius since Seinfeld ended its run. If he isn't going to play George, then I hope his character's name is Art Vandelay.

TV Related Gift Ideas
  • For your favorite Star Wars nerd (and I do emphasize favorite), get the Star Wars: The Clone Wars R2-D2 1:1 Scale monument, on sale for $1,079.99. There's only two left in stock, so don't delay.
  • For the Seinfeld lover in your family, consider putting together this Seinfeld gift basket. I'd also throw in the movie JFK, or a box or a ruined cashmere sweater.
  • For the cartoon lover in your family, get the Collectible Retired Looney Tunes 5 Figure Set, including Bugs Bunny, Sylvester & Tweety, Wile E, Marvin, and Taz. The "Looney Tunes" of old were definitely cartoons at their finest. My one question about this gift set, though, is how can there be a Wile E figurine without Roadrunner?
Thanks for reading.