Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Marathons: Burn Notice

While I do my best to keep up with most shows, there are a few that inevitably start to stockpile on the DVR.  Since I'm on holiday break from my real job, I'm taking the opportunity to clean off the DVR.  Who knows how much I'll get through, but I'll be bringing you guys along for the ride. 

They suckered me.  I got completely fooled.  My classic USA blue sky drama turned into a strangely dark place for an instant.  Michael Westen shot a dude in the head, and then things got weird.  I was really thrilled at the change in course.  I had grown a bit tired of watching Michael and the gang have their cake and eat it too.  Finally, I thought we were watching a shift in direction.  They were on the run, and the show's more serialized turn of events led to some interesting television.  Sure, things were still ridiculous, but at least there seemed like an interesting story to tell.  

As Michael and the gang traveled throughout Miami pulling exceedingly outrageous things in an attempt to flee the CIA, FBI, and a drug cartel (I am not exaggerating), I started to get a little leery.  I know that Michael was going to eventually get out it, but I was really hoping "getting out of it" meant they were going to move to the Caribbean and do awesome things.  Basically, it would be the exact same show, only it would finally rid us of this CIA/No CIA stuff.  

Sadly, the show couldn't pull the trigger.  In the end, Michael convinces a lady who called on a DRUG CARTEL TO ASSASSINATE HIM that she should turn herself in because the Coast Guard will shoot at the boat that Michael has stolen from said drug cartel.  Yes, all of those things happened.  One more thing: He commandeered the drug cartel boat by swimming over to it and taking the wheel because all guys involved in the cartel are out shooting at Jessie and Fiona.

We're not done.

The gang voluntarily surrenders to the CIA so they can sort things out.  Once Michael and his gang have been sufficiently questioned and investigated, they are released.  The apparent price?  Michael gets to wear awesome suits and command guys around like he didn't just shoot a high-ranking CIA officer in the head.  When she finds out about the agreement, Fiona recoils in horror and starts crying.  I'm assuming she's upset because she would rather spend her life in the clink then have her boyfriend have a steady job.  I have never been to jail, but that would seem like an odd choice.  I would love, repeat, LOVE to have the people who complain about Homeland watch this show.  They would set their TVs on fire and slap me in the face.

Needless to say, I'll be back next season.