Friday, December 28, 2012

2nd Annual D-List TV Critics Poll

Recently, the entertainment website,, released a poll of relevant television critics from around the country and interwebs.  The critics were asked to rate their top ten shows.  Shows were scored based on their rating.  For example, the #1 show in a critic's poll earned 10 points, the #2 earned 9, etc., etc.

Now, I'm not one to throw shots from my little station here, but we did it first.  Anybody remember this post?  Exactly.  I feel like the Mom and Pop store who just got overrun by the big corporation.  I hope they feel good about themselves.*

*I hope everyone can see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek here.

Nonetheless, they have inspired me to run back the power rankings.  This time, I got some help beyond just the TV Dad and Scott.  What resulted is the 2012 D-List TV Critics Poll.  Granted, even D-List seems generous, but it sounds a lot better than G-List so we're going with that.  We used the same scoring system as before, and we had 7 people rank their top ten shows from the year 2012.  Before we get to the poll, here are some facts surrounding the polls submitted:

-Breaking Bad's margin of victory over 2nd place is the same amount as the difference between the 2nd place show and the 10th place shows.  Well then.

-Cable dramas rule here as well.  8 of the top 11 (we had a tie for 10th) are cable dramas.  Only two comedies made the top ten.

-My brother continues to refuse to adhere to any parameters I give him.  He claimed he needed 12 spots.  Whatever.  Shows 11 and 12 on his list also got one point.

-TV Fiends had such a difficult time ordering her ten shows that she wanted to release the following statement:

Please note on mine that these rankings mean nothing- I am like a mom when it comes to TV- I love all my TV kids equally.

-No show appeared on every list.  It's a testament to our wide range of TV interests and Matt's lack of a DVR.

Now on to the top ten.  If you want to see everyone's top ten list, click on the Top Ten of 2012 tab at the top of the page.  

1. Breaking Bad (53 Points)

We may be nearing the end of the show's run, but don't expect a downturn in quality.  The show's dizzying season 5 was enough to have it at the top of multiple top ten lists across the world wide webs.  In our poll, it's a clear number one after garnering first place points from 4 of the 7 participants in the poll.

2. Parks and Recreation (32 Points)

The honor of best comedy on television in the D-List Critics Poll goes to Parks and Recreation.  After some excellent work surrounding Leslie Knope's bid for city council, the show has continued its fantastic work this season.  This season alone we've retired Burt Macklin and saw the return of Duke Silver.  Often great and never disappointing, the show keeps thanklessly producing great television.

3. Game of Thrones (28 Points)

How can a season of exposition in a serial drama merit a top 3 slot?  You'd better have some excellent exposition.  That's exactly what Game of Thrones produced in its second season.  Watching Tyrion Lannister play chess to everyone's checkers and Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister verbally spar was some of the more fun TV of the year.  In addition, the show produced arguably the best episode of television of the entire year ("Blackwater").  Season three should pick up the action, but season two wasn't too shabby.

4. Mad Men (25 Points)

Despite the bloom starting to come off the rose a bit, Mad Men continues to showcase the best parts of the new era of prestige cable drama.  Season 5 had its dissenters (particularly anti-Megan voices), but those that loved the season (like this guy) believed it to be one of the top seasons of television ever produced.  Though not as flashy as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, Mad Men is no less brilliant.

5. (tie) The Walking Dead (24 Points)

Thanks to the now departed Glen Mazzara, The Walking Dead had its most consistent season to date during season three.  The character development is still lazy or just sometimes stupid, but the show is what it is at this point: It's a good zombie show not a good show about zombies.  Still, the enjoyment level is good enough for it to merit the #5 spot on this list.

5. (tie) Dexter (24 Points)

After being left for dead after last season's debacle, Dexter enjoyed a really fun comeback season.  Rarely do shows bounce back from the brink, but Dexter's new showrunners clearly had the right ideas to give the show a good kick in the pants.  Hopefully they can continue the momentum into what should be the show's final season.

7. Homeland (20 Points)

To say that this season of Homeland generated some conversation would be a slight understatement.  When it's on point, it's one of the most compelling dramas on television.  Those that don't view it as a CIA documentary series probably remained pleased with the second season.  Still, it's tough not to notice some chinks in the armor this season.  Season three has the potential to go in roughly a hundred different directions.

8. Boardwalk Empire (16 Points)

I shared my thoughts on the show in the first installment of my Holiday Marathon series.  The show was really able to showcase its strengths this season while minimizing its weaknesses as the season came to a close.

9. Justified (12 Points)

Compelling bad guys and the general bad-assery of Raylan Givens continue to make for solid television.  It may not have reached the Emmy-nominated heights on season two, but the show remains fantastically entertaining.

10. (tie) Elementary (11 Points)

Our only new show to make the list, Elementary has taken a fun approach to the Sherlock Holmes story.  People can complain all they want that it is not as good as BBC's Sherlock, but there is plenty of space in the world for both of these shows to exist.  Our televisions are only made richer.

10. (tie) 30 Rock (11 Points)

Most of the way through its final season, 30 Rock just finished one of the best years of comedy in some time.  Between season 6 episodes early in the year and what we have seen of season 7 this year, 30 Rock is cementing its status as one of the decades best comedies.

Our top ten is complete.  A special thanks to all those that participated.  Let's do this again next year.  Maybe then Hitfix will give us some credit.

Others Receiving Votes

12. (tie) The Mentalist (10 Points)
12. (tie) The Mindy Project (10 Points)

14. South Park (9 Points)

15. Shameless (8 Points)

16. (tie) The Newsroom (7 Points)
16. (tie) The Big Bang Theory (7 Points)
16. (tie) Girls (7 Points)
16. (tie) Modern Family (7 Points)

20. (tie) 2012 SEC Title Game (6 Points)
20. (tie) Parenthood (6 Points)

22. (tie) New Girl (5 Points)
22. (tie) The Good Wife (5 Points)
22. (tie) Scandal (5 Points)
22. (tie) Pardon the Interruption (5 Points)

26. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (4 Points)

27. (tie) Person of Interest (3 Points)
27. (tie) The Daily Show (3 Points)
27. (tie) NCIS (3 Points)

30. (tie) Once Upon a Time (2 Points)
30. (tie) Frontline (2 Points)
30. (tie) Franklin & Bash (2 Points)
30. (tie) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2 Points)

34. (tie) American Horror Story: Asylum (1 Point)
34. (tie) Castle (1 Point)
34. (tie) The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (1 Point)
34. (tie) Veep (1 Point)
34. (tie) Revolution (1 Point)
34. (tie) Bob's Burgers (1 Point)
34. (tie) Sons of Anarchy (1 Point)