Thursday, November 29, 2012

TV Links of the Week

In case you missed it, the TV Czar returned to his roots earlier this week with a Walking Dead Rehash. In the past he would often include my thoughts about the show in the rehash. I guess he forgot this time.  It has been awhile since he produced original content, after all, so no hard feelings. I'll just include my thoughts now.

Czar: Let's discuss the cabin scene for a moment. There are zombies everywhere You have a hunting cabin in the middle of the forest full of zombies. Why not lock the door? Why not throw some boards on the windows? If you are a paranoid hermit living in a zombie apocalypse, how are you not protecting against looters, walkers, or murderous, katana-wielding mean-muggers?

Me: I think the better question is, "Why is he trying to run out of the shack?" Was he not aware that zombies might be running around out there? Had he been asleep the entire year or so since the apocalypse started?

Czar: Is anyone else excited for the return of Herschel's shotgun?

Me: I'm more excited about Carl potentially protecting the jail Home Alone style. (Full disclosure: A commenter from a review I read pitched that idea first.) By the way, am I the only one who finds it comical/ironic that Rick's gang is being lauded as an effective zombie killing group by other survivors? A LOT must have happened during the winter we missed.

I could keep going, but I realize that you're here for links, not rehash. Here's a clip from this week's midseason finale that features Andrea and the Governor. Fair warning: it's terrible, much like many of the scenes between Andrea and Governor are becoming. The best part of the link, though, is that Tyreese might make his first appearance this week. If that doesn't mean much to you, then you're not a fan of the comic. Go here to learn more.

Arrgh, me mateys!
Back in February, I posted a link to an article that quoted former House star Hugh Laurie saying that he would be retiring from TV once House ended. Maybe in British English "retiring" means taking a break for a few months, because according to Mania, Laurie is in talks with NBC to play Blackbeard in the network's new pirate series Crossbones. I'm not ready to call Laurie the Hollywood Brett Favre quite yet, though. For one, I'm sure he's being paid gobs of money to do this and would be stupid to pass it up. Also, chances are the show won't last past its 10 episode order, which would barely qualify him as coming out of retirement. And most importantly, I haven't read or seen any reports of him working out at his local high school's drama club.

Lost fans or people who like behind-the-scenes stories about TV shows and the like should check out this excerpt from Alan Sepinwall's "The Revolution Was Televised." It's lengthy, but gives some great insight into how "Lost" came to be. Apparently the process of getting the show created was nothing like the process that most successful TV shows go through. In fact, the guy who had the original idea wasn't even employed by ABC when the show premiered. Even more interesting was that the writers originally intended to kill Jack off about halfway through the premiere. That would have changed things slightly, don't you think?

Also from Grantland is their newest 30 for 30 Short: The Arnold Palmer. The nine minute documentary tells the story of how the drink was created by Palmer himself, and how it became famous. Having a drink named after you really is really quite amazing when you think about it. How many other famous athletes can you name with their own drink?

TBS is adding a hidden camera show that involves comedians playing pranks on the public, according the The Hollywood Reporter, and will feature former Scrubs stat Donald Faison as host. The show was created by Ashton Kutcher, who is apparently determined to prank everyone in America and catch it on camera. If watching comedians have more fun than you isn't your thing, you might be more interested to learn that AMC is adding shows about the Revolutionary War and the 1980s technology boom. I think the working title for the latter show is Mad Men with Computers.

TV Related Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving has passed, which means it's officially okay to start shopping for Christmas gifts. Just like last year, TV Links of the Week will be providing you with some great TV related gifts ideas for the special people in your life from now until Christmas.
  • First up is the perfect gift for your college-aged nephew that is just socially awkward enough to actually have a zombiepocalypse plan written out or saved to disk. I present the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Deterrence Kit that looks just like some of the weapons used on "The Walking Dead." You should probably make sure your nephew isn't at risk of becoming a sociopath before giving him this, though.
  • Perfect for absolutely anyone in your family is the Ron Swanson Bobblehead. Throw in this Bacon and Eggs Ron t-shirt, and you'll have given your loved one the best Christmas he/she could have hoped for.
  • For your old, slighly senile aunt, consider the Laverne and Shirley TV show Viewmaster. It's 3D!
Thanks for reading.