Thursday, April 5, 2012

TV Links of the Week

He's not the type to take a demotion lightly.
If you read this week's Power Rankings, you know that Justified came in second behind Mad Men after a multi-week run in the top spot. My sources tell me that Raylan Givens wasn't happy about the demotion*, but believes that next week's season finale will put the show back in the pole position. For five vague teasers about the finale, check out this Entertainment Weekly interview with show executive producer Graham Yost. In addition to the teasers, Yost also breaks down last week's episode. 

*By the way, Czar, you should probably take some advice from Ron Burgundy and find yourself a safe house or relative close by. Lay low for awhile. Raylan is a pretty vengeful dude, he basically has a license to kill, and Kentucky isn't that far from Georgia. 

Of course, neither Justified nor Mad Men may hold the top spot in next week's Power Rankings if Game of Thrones has anything to say about it. In fact, the crew at Sterling Cooper Draper Price will probably battle the high born families from Westeros for Power Rankings supremacy all season long. Jace Lacob from The Daily Beast wonders who would win if characters from each show actually faced each other in a battle to the death. I don't know you, Jace, but I like the way you think. Completely ridiculous and impossible hypotheticals are among my favorite time wasting activities. 

The odds would have to be at least 4-3 Tyrion.

Here at, we usually stick to domestically produced television, mainly because its better. Still, during my deep and thorough searches for the most interesting and important TV news on the interwebz, I often run across tidbits about the BBC show Dr. Who. I've never seen an episode, and if the Czar has, he's never told me. Nevertheless, a lot of people seem to love it, and it's been on the air longer than any other science fiction show ever. Recently, BBC released a preview for the show's next series ("series" means "season" across the pond). I'll be honest: the trailer doesn't look completely terrible as long as you're not expecting Homeland or Breaking Bad levels of TV quality. Even still, I'll keep my American television. Also, if that's what passes as top tier television in the UK, then I've just found another reason to be thankful for the American Revolution.

Win one for the Chipper, Atlanta.
Baseball is back! Today is the official Opening Day for MLB, which makes this blogger extremely happy. The worst section of the sports calendar is finally over*, and I now have something interesting to watch on TV basically every night until November**. Both Fox and ESPN have released tentative season schedules for their respective weekly national broadcasts. For those interested, the Braves are currently slated to appear on Fox eight times and ESPN once***.

*It starts the day after the Super Bowl and ends with Opening Day.

**Assuming the Braves make the playoffs. I realize that may be a big assumption.

***I could tell you how much other teams are scheduled to appear on the channels, but I don't really care.

Rembert Browne from Grantland recently interviewed Matt Hiltman, a contestant on The History Channel reality show Full Metal Jousting. Now this is a reality show I can get into. Nothing says real like two men on horses trying to knock each other down with long wooden poles. Go here for a video of some of the bone crushing action. Maybe one day be it could even be added as an event in the greatest athletic competition in the world*. Of course, we'd actually have to have the competition again.

*If jousting is ever part of the Iron Man Challenge, you can count me out. Call me'd be 100% correct.

Six Degrees of TV Separation

No one submitted a challenge for the second straight week. It's easy to participate, and there's a prize for the first winner. Give me two actors you think I can't connect in six TV series or less. If you're the first person to stump me I'll buy you a Coke.

That's it for this week. I'll see you next Thursday with more TV links and hopefully another round of Six Degrees of TV Separation.


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