Thursday, February 2, 2012

TV Links of the Week

One less surprise I have to worry about.
HBO has made available a new trailer for season two of Game of Thrones. I would provide some commentary, but I haven’t watched the clip because, as I’ve written before, I don’t get HBO so I’ve never seen the show. What’s the point of watching the trailer if I can’t watch the whole show*? Plus, I’m in the middle of the first book right now, and I don’t want to ruin anything**. Anyway, people seem to really enjoy the trailer, so I’m sure it’s worth a look.

*It would be like me watching the series premiere of Homeland when Showtime makes it available online even though I know I’ll just be upset afterwards because I can’t watch any other episode. Oh wait, I did do that.

**Yes, I already know that Eddard dies. Nevertheless, the book is great so far. My only gripe is that I think George R.R. Martin may be a perv. Seriously, dude, you’re a little too descriptive about the consummation of a marriage involving a 14 year old girl.

AMC has released the first few minutes of The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere, which airs February 12th. Not to give too much away, but we’re picking up right where we left off: just after Rick shot zombie Sophia in the head*. Obviously, the clip doesn’t reveal very much, but after watching it I think it’s safe to assume that Hershel isn’t going to easily forgive what he the considers the unnecessary and atrocious slaughter of “sick” family and friends. I have been wrong before, though.

*Was that too much? My bad. has a list of hit shows that should have ended sooner than they did. It’s interesting food for thought, to be sure. I can’t say I totally disagree with the inclusion of any show on the list, although I think sometimes I wish that a show would have ended differently more so than sooner*. All the same, the first two current shows to pop in my head that should have already ended are House and The Office. I haven’t watched House in years and The Office is probably being kept alive because it’s still the most popular show on a struggling network. Maybe Fox and NBC will let them die while they still have a little dignity remaining.

*I can almost hear all the Lost fans in the world nodding their heads and saying, “Amen” right now.

Fraser McAlpine from BBC America gives us Yanks five reasons for why British television is completely different than ours. Really, he’s trying to tell us why it’s better. Nice try, Fraser. I’m not saying British TV is bad – I love what you did with Planet Earth – but saying you’re putting out better shows than this, this, or even this is a bit of a stretch. Besides, if you’re going to say you’re better than us, just come out and say it. Your subtlety is weak. By the way, don’t screw up the Olympics

Quality British television.

Valentines Day is coming early in Pawnee. According to Entertainment Weekly, tonight’s Parks and Recreation will feature Ben enlisting Ron and Andy to help him complete a cupid-themed scavenger hunt he’s been sent on by Leslie. Ron and Andy working together on something as ridiculous as a Valentines Day scavenger hunt? Yes please! By the way, the link above includes an exclusive clip previewing the antics of the dynamic duo attempting to assist Ben.

Volkswagen has released an extended version of the Star Wars commercial they’ll be showing during the Super Bowl Sunday night. If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, or if you’re a new reader, I love Star Wars, and I love these commercials. Bonus points to Volkswagen for featuring my favorite dog, too.

Six Degrees of TV Separation

It’s time for another segment of Six Degrees of TV Separation! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here to see the explanation and rules. This week’s challenge comes from the TV Czar himself: Jim Parsons and Norman Reedus. Let’s see what we can do.
  1. In a season three episode of Parson’s show, The Big Bang Theory, Steven Yeun played a character named Sebastian.
  2. Yeun, of course, stars in The Walking Dead with Reedus.
Is that the best you could do, Czar? Feel free to try again anytime.

That was so easy that I think I’ll try another one, this time from the Czarina. She gave me Zooey Deschanel and David Hyde Pierce

This one actually had me a little nervous. I’ll start with Deschanel.
  1. Deschanel has appeared as a character named Kat in four episodes of Weeds, which stars Mary-Louise Parker.
  2. Parker played Amy Gardner in 22 episodes of the West Wing, and at least one of those also featured Alan Alda.
  3. Alda starred in M*A*S*H, which featured George Wendt in a season 11 episode.
  4. Wendt appeared in a seventh season episode of Frasier, which, of course, starred Pierce.

I commend your efforts, Czarina. Better luck next time.

If you think you can do better than these two and actually stump me, give me two actors in the comments section below. If I can’t connect them in six episodes or less, I might buy you a Coke.

Instead my usual sign-off, I leave you with this clip from Seinfeld featuring the late Ian Abercombie in his hilarious role as Elaine’s zany boss, Mr. Pitt. Abercombie passed away Tuesday at the age of 77. May he rest in peace.


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